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Special Election Results: ABA Board of Directors

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

The election closed July 10 at midnight. Here are the confirmed results. The Treasurer had only one candidate, and the Secretary ended up with one candidate after a withdrawal. We'd like to thank everyone for stepping up to be involved and hope you will continue. Thanks to everyone that voted. Your vote really counted and everyone's effort has value for the future of this organization. Given the total number of votes, if you intend to attend our August 10 meeting to confirm and install these officers from 11 am to 1 pm, let me know at so we can be sure to have enough room. The meeting location is subject to change at this time. The website calendar will be updated as needed.

Here are the official results:

President: Betsi Robbins (Bahaia) - 68% of the vote (65 votes) Jeanette Cunningham - 32% of the vote (30 votes)

Vice President: Lily Tsai - 65% of the vote (62 votes) Colleen Pannell - 35% of the vote (33 votes).

Treasurer (uncontested): Chris Bailey (Najla)

Secretary (uncontested): Stacey Lizette

Phillip Shurtleff, Association Agent.

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