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ABDA Presents



Act 1

  • Lily

  • Sirens of the Mystic Moon: Stacey, Nancy, Shelley

  • Najla

  • Texas Salimpour Collective: Melissa Bailey, Ayssa Altahif, Stacey Lizette

  • Jeanette

  • Z-Helene's ACC Middle Eastern Dancers: Jennifer King, Shelagh Chandler, Evelyn Apple, Aletha Read, Nancy Bjorndahl



10-Minute Intermission

Act 2

  • Colleen Pannell

  • Valerie

  • Mayura Blue: George Marmell, Amy Freeborn, Sarah Hinman, Becki Martinez, Briana Travis

  • Svitlana Zralko

  • Stacey Lizette

  • Bahaia's Student Group: Bahaia, Alma Castillo, Donna Minshew, Ronnie Stewart, Briana Travis

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