The ABA is open to all students, teachers, professional dancers, musicians, and fans of Middle Eastern dance.


The purpose of the ABA shall be to provide a common meeting ground for persons with an interest in this form of dance, to provide a supportive atmosphere in which to perform, to expand knowledge of the dance as an art form, to offer special gatherings for members, and to serve, educate, and benefit our area dance community, whenever possible.



All members in good standing shall have voting privileges, may participate in all ABA events as availability permits, use all ABA services intended for the membership, and be eligible to hold elected and appointed offices, provided requirements for the office are met.  



Membership Benfits: free or reduced admission to ABA functions, opportunities to perform in exclusive ABA shows, inclusion in ABA events listing, inclusion in ABA teacher listing




STEP ONE: Application


   CLICK HERE   to complete the application form for new members or renewing members.

STEP TWO: Payment


  CLICK HERE   to pay membership dues. 


Individual Membership $20 annual fee

Family/Household Membership $20 for the primary member, additional $5 per person thereafter

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