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Special Election Candidate Profile: Stacey Lizette

As a native Austinite, I have seen many changes in our city and our dance scene.  What hasn’t changed is the goal of the Austin Bellydance Association (ABA) to educate, nurture and support our community.  I'd be honored to volunteer my years of experience and enthusiasm for this art form to help ABA grow and evolve to meet the needs of our diverse dance community. I’m particularly interested in exploring questions like: How might we integrate with other respected dance forms? Can we educate and inspire the public to try a class for the first time? When and how could we learn from each other? Are there enough performance opportunities that are appropriate, inclusive and well attended? I’m also very interested in the questions YOU would like to see explored and addressed through ABA. 


  • Student of bellydance for 24 years

  • Level 5 certified in Suhaila and Jamila Salimpour formats

  • Creator of the Austin and Texas Belly Dance Facebook groups

  • Founding member of Sabaya

  • House dancer and schedule manager for 7 years at Alborz Persian restaurant

  • Member of Eshta and Mirage dance troupes


  • Teach weekly classes since 2004

  • Workshop instruction since 2008

  • Choreography Captain for Texas Salimpour and Melbourne Salimpour Collectives

  • Founder and Director of the Tekatek Dance Ensemble


  • Host annual workshops with Suhaila Salimpour

  • Producer of the Austin Belly Dance Convention (ABDC) 2009-2014

  • Sponsored theatrical production of “Enta Omri” 2017

  • Co-produced “Drums N Roses” with April Rose 2014

  • Choreographed, directed and produced “The Color Project” theater show 2012

  • Collaboratively produced “Sahara Nights” with Sabaya for 7 years

  • Collaboratively produced "Hip Circle Hafla" student showcase


  • Masters in Library & Information Science

  • Certified Project Manager (PMI)

  • Trained in user experience design, innovation and collaboration techniques

  • Chair of Operating Board representing 10 different city departments

  • Manage multi-million dollar contracts

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