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Special Election Candidate Profile: Chris Bailey (Najla) 

The Austin belly dance community has been an integral part of my life for over two decades. This community has inspired and fueled me as an artist and as a woman, and I am here today because I am running as Treasurer in the ABA election. Although I am running unopposed, I still want you to know more about me—and what I hope to bring this role.

I want dancers to feel the same passion that I have for this music, culture and dance through low-cost/no-cost member workshops aimed at educating, training, and inspiring dancers. I want to respect and honor the vibrant history of ABA, while exploring ways to infuse technology, innovation, and creativity into the ways we conduct our business. I want ABA to effectively manage our resources so we can give back--through dance scholarships or charitable donation drives. I want to create opportunities for dancers at all levels to have access to coaching, mentoring, and development whether they are an avid hobbyist or aspiring professional.

Dancer and Community Member

  • Active since 1997 with extensive volunteer experience at local shows, events, and seminars Volunteer with ABDC, under all three producers (Bahaia, Stacey Lizette, and Amara/Tatianna)

  • Long-time supporting and production assistant for Cabaret Dance Camp

  • Collaboratively produced recurring “Hip Circle Hafla” student showcase with Bahaia, Lily and Stacey Lizette, responsible for scheduling hundreds of dancers at a variety of shows, all with a mission to nurture, support, and guide dancers

  • Producer of Café Shimmy , co-produce Ladies Night Out – a recurring show and hafla hosted by Austin Bellydance Studio, and member of Mirage dance troupe for nine years.

Dance Education and Instruction

  • Teaching weekly classes in Austin since 2001, including workshops, and sponsoring of out-of-town instructors.

  • Founder and Director of Baharat Belly Dance Ensemble and Raqs al Sarab


  • Over 30 years of HR expertise, including experience in organizational development, facilitation, communication, coaching and training.

  • Served on the board of regional and national non-profit associations

  • Extensive experience with fiduciary responsibilities

  • Expertise in project management, working with diverse teams and group, developing teams, and collaborating with all levels of organizations

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