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Guest Post: Raksology

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

This month's post is written by ABA member Jamie Lynn!

Hello! This is Jamie Lynn, and I would like to introduce something new for most of you: Raks-ology! If you attended the January ABA Show, you may have heard Bahaia talk about a door prize I donated: a thumb drive. But this was not just any thumb drive; it was chock full of Egyptian Raks Sharki!

Raks-ology is what it sounds like--the study of bellydance! It includes a variety of self-paced courses for bellydancers in Middle Eastern Music, History, and Dance. I am planning on quite a few series of these courses to be released in the future, but currently, the History of Bellydance: Egypt is available for purchase on my website. It is a 6-part series covering the Turn of the Century and Awalim Era, the Golden Era, the Classical Era, and the Modern Era (Classical and Modern are broken into Early and Late Eras). At the end of each part, there is also a quiz to test your learning!

In addition to the History series, I also created Timeline: Dancers of Egypt, a 3-part series highlighting the dancers of each of the eras: Awalim and Golden Era, Classical and Modern Eras. Each dancer feature includes a picture (when I could find one), a short biography, and links to articles and videos. It is a fairly thorough primer on Egyptian bellydancers through the ages with over 50 dancers per era!

Each course is available in three formats: PDF, PowerPoint, and MP4 Video.You get all three when you purchase a course. Courses are available individually or sold as a bundle for a bit of savings!

Here are a few excerpts from the preview video! I hope you will find them interesting enough to check out!

Thais here. As always, see below for the playlist of the month!

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