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Special Election Candidate Profile: Lily Tsai

If you can explain why you love bellydance in one word, what would it be? For me, that word is “Connection.” Connection of body, mind, and soul to the music, connection of this art form with the audience, and connection with a community of dancers. This last reason is why I am running for Vice-President of the Austin Bellydance Association. Having started my bellydance journey in Austin and meeting dancers around the world, I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the Austin community. I will leverage my experience as a technical professional to help bring the organization to the modern age, as a mother to listen and offer opportunities for growth, as a dance enthusiast to spread the love of bellydance, as a world traveler to be inclusive of all, and as an instructor to help guide the way to new possibilities. Below is a list of my relevant credentials.

Dance-Related Experience:

  • Restaurant dancer at Alborz Persian Cuisine for over 4 years

  • Volunteer for Austin Belly Dance Convention

  • Assistant Producer to Stacey Lizette for the Austin Belly Dance Convention (2009-2014)

  • Collaboratively produced “Sahara Nights” monthly show for 7 years and “Hip Circle Hafla” offering student performance opportunities

  • Director of student troupe “Rakataka”

  • Sponsor out-of-town teachers 


  • Teaching weekly classes in Austin since 2007 and workshops since 2009

  • Taught workshops in 6 different countries

Dance Education:

  • Study bellydance in 10 different countries

  • Hatha Yoga certified

  • Suhaila Salimpour Format Level 2 certified

  • Jamila Salimpour Format Level 1 certified

  • 8 Elements Phase 3 certified (Phase 4 in October)

Professional Experience:

  • Traveled internationally for client meetings and presentation

  • Teacher for a national non-profit organization leading young females and fostering sisterhood and community

  • Received training in elevating diversity, equity, and inclusion

Voting is now through July 10. Thank you!

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