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Quiz: Which Hogwarts house is your inner bellydancer?

This month's blog feature is a Harry Potter-themed quiz. It is intended to be just for fun and not perfectly book accurate or indicative of your personality traits. If for some reason, the embedded quiz isn't working, it is also available here.

If you check out the playlist below, I have examples of the songs featured in the quiz! Also, the song for the choreography taught by our Treasurer, Najla, at the ABA General Meeting earlier this month is also on the playlist ("Yalla ya shabab" by Ragheb Alama and Andy Madadian--it's in Arabic script on Spotify).

Let me know in the comments what you got! Did it match what you expected? Personally, I'm a Gryffindor bellydancer, even though my official house is Ravenclaw. Also, let me know if you enjoy these types of quizzes!

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