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Bellydance YouTube Round-Up

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Earlier in my dance education, I ran a micro-blog on Tumblr focused on dance videos. One of my favorite segments to run featured dancers who had active tips and lessons on YouTube. While not quite the same as taking an in-person class or workshop, I’ve found YouTube to be a great additional resource for when I have limited time. Here are five of my favorites--definitely not meant to be exhaustive. Have any others that you like that didn’t make it on the list? Let me know in the comments below!

Anna of Houston/Ahlam Academy

Anna has a great variety of content on her page, including classic bellydance videos, a new performers video series (featured above), general tips, interviews with dancers, tutorials for beginner to intermediate dancers, and if you visit her

she also has many playlists of bellydance music as resources.

Zahra Zuhair

While not as actively updated as other channels listed here, Zahra Zuhair is the most experienced on the list. Her content includes tutorials, general tips, and very interesting vlogs (as seen above).


Magnolia's videos feature tips, tutorials aimed at beginners, interviews with dancers and musicians, exploration of some complex topics in the bellydance world, and some insight into life as a professional dancer (as seen above).


Sahira's videos feature zill reviews, tutorials for all levels (including some less common topics like prenatal bellydance and zill instruction), as well as general tips for dancers.


Mahin's videos are fairly well known in the bellydance world, and definitely worth checking out (preferably when you have a few hours as they are very binge-able). She's by far the most prolific of the list, continuously updating on a weekly basis. Her videos, mostly in the form of Daily Bellydance Quickies, run the gamut of topics, including drills, stretches, strength and conditioning for dancers, performance, combinations to well-known songs, props, interviews and guest instruction from prominent dancers and musicians, and pretty much something for everyone.

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