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ABA's Fall Theater Showcase


The Austin Bellydance Association organizes two bellydance shows every year at the theater of the Dougherty Arts Center. These bellydance shows offer the membership an opportunity to present a well-crafted piece on a well-appointed theater stage, to share their love of bellydance with their family and friends, and to bond with other members through music and dance.

What’s the theme of the show? 
As the name of the show indicates, this show aims to promote bellydance styles from the major proponents of bellydance, namely, the M.E.N.A.T. (Middle East, North Africa, Turkey) countries and US. To be even more clear, we’re featuring dances to "bellydance music" in these categories: 
CABARET: Lebanese bellydance, Turkish bellydance, Egyptian raqs sharqi, American cabaret / vintage
FOLKLORIC: Debke, Saidi, Melaya leff, Romani, Khaleegi

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