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ABA's January Theater Showcase


The Austin Bellydance Association organizes two bellydance shows every year at the theater of the Dougherty Arts Center. These bellydance shows offer the membership an opportunity to present a well-crafted piece on a well-appointed theater stage, to share their love of bellydance with their family and friends, and to bond with other members through music and dance.

What’s the theme of the show? 
As the name of the show indicates, this show aims to promote adding variety to bellydance performance through the use of props.  Some of the props you might expect to see in this show include; veil, wings, fan veil, voi (poi-veil), cane, sword, shamadan (with LED lights), tray, pot, combo (more than one of the previously listed props).

Are you an ABA member who's ready to perform in a theater setting with veil, wings, fan veil, voi, cane, sword, or other balancing items such as tray or pot?

Groups and soloists are encouraged to click on the button below to:

1) review the performers' requirements and

2) complete the lottery application

The application process will close at 11:59pm CST on Friday, December 6. Drawing will be held at the ABA General Meeting on Saturday, December 7 and posted to the Facebook group  for ABA Members, as a live video. Need not be present at the meeting to be selected. Meeting time and location to be announced soon. Please note there is an optional (but encouraged) Tech Rehearsal on Thursday, January 23, 2020, 7-9pm.

If you have questions, please contact Lily Tsai, VP 

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