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Shimmy, Show & Grow: Feedback and Development opportunity


Are you a solo dancer looking for an opportunity to get professional feedback on your work? 

What are we doing?  

ABA has arranged for solo dancers to receive professional feedback on their choreographed or improvised works.  Not once, but twice - from two different internationally recognized professional instructors!  


Dancers will a) submit their 5 minute video, b) receive feedback from 2 different instructors with a chance to ask questions in real time via Zoom, c) incorporate that feedback and resubmit for a 2nd round, which should result in tangible growth.  After incorporating feedback from the 2nd round, participants will record a performance version of their work for an ABA produced viewing featuring the 9 dancers and their progress.   

Who is eligible?  Interested dancers must complete the application form, and have an active ABA membership by time the drawing occurs.  The program is limited to 9 dancers that must commit to filming and addressing feedback received from 2 evaluators per round.  CLICK HERE for registration form. As of March 1, we are still accepting applicants. 


Each selected dancer will receive feedback from 2 evaluators that can offer broad and complementary perspectives.  The evaluators assigned to each dancer will not change between Round 1 and Round 2 so that progress can be assessed. The professional dancers who will be serving as evaluators include Amaya, April Rose, Karen Barbee, Kaeshi Chai, Sabriye Tekbilek, and Sahira. Check out their impressive bios HERE.

Timeline (This timeline is being revised. Check back for updates)

Jan 8 - Submission deadline

Jan 10 - Dancers selected and video submission instructions provided

Jan 30 - Video submission deadline for Round 1

Feb 06 - Feedback provided to dancers

Feb 07 - Q&A Zoom sessions with evaluators (10 min)

Feb 27 - Video submission deadline for Round 2

Mar 06 - Feedback provided to dancers

Mar 07 - Q&A Zoom sessions with evaluators (10 min)

Mar 28 - Show quality video submission for April online viewing (ABA spring show)

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